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New to exercise? Don’t be intimidated just get started.

When working with guys 45 and over, there is quite a bit of variability in exercise history. Lots of guys our age were active when younger playing sports as kids, some went on to play in high school or college. Most guys our age have either discontinued any significant effective physical activity or have never really engaged in much as an adult. Whether you are returning to health and wellness or are new to health and wellness, let’s just consider you new to exercise, or at least consider your body new to exercise. My advice is to not be intimidated and just get started!

There is a lot of information out there. Most of what we see online is advanced. We get excited about getting big, getting ripped, looking buff. We get excited about this or that program, this philosophy or that one. In my experience, when guys get super motivated and start off too advanced, it doesn’t take long for most guys to get frustrated or injured. At this point they often say “screw it.” Or worse, we look at the info online and realize “I can’t do that” and then not even start. My purpose here isn’t to bash any particular workout or philosophy. My purpose here is to get you started and set up for long term success. There are a ton of workouts that are fun and worth getting involved in, when it’s time.

Men 45 and over, if you are over-weight, reeeeally over weight, or you haven’t worked out “in years”, OR you have never worked out, then read on- this is especially for you.

The sole purpose of getting started is to develop the habit and acclimate your body’s tissue to exercise is the sole purpose of getting started. The bottom line is that you just have to start. Do not overthink it, don’t over study it, don’t delay it. Take the first step, so to speak. You don’t even have to buy anything.

The first 30 days.

Step one: walk around the block. Now.

Step two: read the previous mindset blog posts.

Step three: walk around the block daily for seven days straight.

Step four: walk around the block twice for the next seven days straight.

After 14 days of straight walking, now continue to walk every day but add-

Step five: do five pushups at your counter after you walk for one week.

Step six: do 10 pushups at your counter after you walk for the second week.

You have now done exercise for one month straight! DO NOT fall into the trap of expecting weight loss results or magic appearance changes. The more important result is that you have begun to develop the habit! The habit is key. Habit yields consistency. Consistency yields results. You have built a foundation upon which you will continue develop effective exercises to help extricate yourself from the risk categories of chronic disease. This is health and wellness.

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