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Fitness and Faith

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

You can be a Godly, masculine man and be true to who you are.


We need to unshackle ourselves from preconceived images of what Godly masculinity looks like. To be fair, masculinity is undergoing a constant barrage of attacks, to the point that men have become complacent, sidelined, weak physically and spiritually, and ineffective in God’s Kingdom. What has come out of that is a variety of attempts to restore it, recreate it, redefine it. All good, and necessary, but what has resulted is a one-dimensional viewpoint of what biblical masculinity looks like, what hobbies that man engages in, what level of alpha needs to be achieved, and whether one can be alpha enough to even be considered a warrior in God’s kingdom.

He didn’t create all of us to be William Wallace from the Patriot, The Gladiator, a Navy Seal, or a cross-fit champion. To be clear, it’s not wrong to be any of those things. Equally clear to me is that many of us men need to improve physically and spiritually because we are not living up to what we were created to be. There are habits that need to be instituted and results that need to be obtained, but they can, and should all be within the context of who you are, the best you, that God created you to be.


What is unfortunate is that there are many men who, when they realize that they will never reach those supposed ideals, nurse the feeling that they will never be man enough. So why try, they concede. This becomes the excuse to stay the same, give up the pursuit, or not even start to improve. This, we CANNOT do.

It is imperative to recognize that you don’t have to become those ideals to be Biblical, masculine men. He made you, you. But, and this is important to get, you need to be ALL that he created you to be. It means pushing past your usual comfort zones to find ways that stretch you physically and spiritually. This is what I help men do.

If I try to complete an ultramarathon, I will tear up my body. But that doesn’t mean I don’t push myself in other ways. I may not become the next Jason Bourne, but I can improve to the point where I can conduct my Biblical obligation to protect. The key is to reach past our comfort zones in ways that make sense. This is what I help men do.

Men of faith, we have responsibilities. I believe that the physical and the faith are interwoven. To be a good steward of who God made you to be, you must be your best, physically and spiritually. Do I mean perfect? Ha! No way! You are a steward of what God has given you, which includes yourself. God created us; we must be a good steward of His creation. We must be good stewards of our body and mind.

Faith and Fitness Methods

I use metrics dashboards for myself and the men I work with. Much like metrics dashboards in business, if it’s measured, it will improve.

Fitness metrics

Our physical metrics are geared towards removing risk factors for chronic disease. No matter where you are physically, you can strive for these physical metrics. No matter what you are into, cross fit, martial arts, Jiu Jitsu, pencil pushing (think Kevin Malone- The Office), every man can and should reach these metrics. Anything beyond is personal preference and I can guide you in that as well. The baseline focus is on removing preventable health risks by making practical and sustainable changes to food intake and physical activity.

"The baseline focus is on removing preventable health risks by making practical and sustainable changes to food intake and physical activity."
~ The Aging Man

Faith Metrics

Reaching and maintaining faith metrics are an indication of where you are with your

faith intentionality. It’s interesting to me that people don’t have a problem with physical metrics, but they get all up in a lather over faith metrics. Like somehow measuring what you're doing in your spiritual life is off limits or isn’t really a reflection of what’s in the heart. I’m stating right now, that’s an excuse. It means you’re afraid. In fact, the Bible says a few times, “this is how you’ll know…” and proceeds to list out fruits of the spirit or things that are or aren’t present (Galations 5:22-24, 1 John 3:10, 1 John 3:19, 1John 5:18). In other words, metrics, or outward indicators. So, to help men develop habits, heart, and hope we use a faith dashboard to make practical sustainable changes.

Already There

What if you already meet these metrics? I work with these guys too. It could be they want to go to another level physically, or that they want to be a better small group leader. Sometimes they are re-orienting themselves after getting knocked to the mat, exiting counseling, and the fog is clearing. Maintaining the metrics is baseline. For those that want another level, we work together to take you there. Soar higher than you have before, discover more deeply, what God’s purpose for you is.

Faith and Fitness Solution

I coach men 45+ who want to be the best version of themselves that God created them to be, spiritually and physically. The reason? To best be able to prepare, provide, perform, and protect within their roles as masculine men in service to God’s kingdom. Practical and sustainable changes will look different in different men, and that’s how I help. Are you ready to level up your fitness and faith?

What can this look like for you?

Fill out the contact form for a live, free readiness interview.

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